Don’t Get Hung-Up In The Waiting Game

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Waiting is a big part of our normal daily lives and something we typically take for granted.  We wait for our first cup of coffee in the morning; we wait at traffic lights on our way to work; we wait for people to show up for a meeting to start; we wait in doctor’s offices; we wait for the end of the day so we can leave work; we wait in checkout lines at the grocery store; and some of us even wait to use the bathroom! Waiting is one of the seven deadly wastes defined by Taichi Ohno, the father of the Toyota Production System....

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Is Too Much Motion Tiring You Out?

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  Masaaki Imai in his book, Gemba Kaizen, A Commonsense, Low-Cost Approach to Management, states that any motion of a person’s body not directly related to adding value is unproductive.  Some examples of motion waste include: Searching for jigs, fixtures, tools, files, etc. Bending to lift heavy loads Turning to retrieve or dispose of products Reaching for components and tools Placement of products in the production process Walking to printers, fax machines, store rooms, etc. In addition to causing productivity problems, excess...

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Too Much Inventory Will Destroy Your Operation!

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Inventory is a waste that plagues every organization and usually hides a multitude of sins.  In fact, inventory has been called the root of all evil.  Excessive inventory occurs when material is pushed through a process rather than being pulled by customer demand. Excessive inventory occurs in all organizations in the form of raw material, supplies, spare parts, work-in-process (WIP), finished goods, and office supplies.  Warehouses and valuable space are needed to handle the extra inventory requiring additional investment, resources, and...

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Transportation Waste Can Create A Huge Burden For Organizations

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Transportation is a common source of waste in many companies and includes the excessive and unnecessary movement of materials, products, information and paperwork and often exists where there is disorganization or a lack of clear procedures. Some specific factors that can trigger you to look for transportation waste are: Multiple operational locations where companies split operations among floors, buildings, cities, or across the globe and move materials between these locations driving additional costs and increasing the risk of material...

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How Variation In Work Environment Can Affect Productivity and Create Problems

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We seldom think of our environment as being a detriment to our job.  But work environment can have a larger affect on your productivity and can create problems that lead to errors, defects, and costly rework. Mother nature and environment can have a dramatic effect on the products we produce and the services we provide. Some of the obvious factors include humidity, excessive heat, cleanliness, noise levels, drafts, and good old mother nature. An example of this occurred several years ago when I was working with a local client in Youngstown....

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Data Measurement: For Better, For Worse!

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All decisions in life, whether personal or professional, are based on available information or data-or at least should be.  Accurate information contributes to good decision-making.  On the other hand, insufficient or inaccurate data contributes to faulty decisions. Measurement is how your company collects data.   But having someone go through the motions of measurement is not enough.  Your business depends on the accurate measurement and evaluation of a number of factors: employee productivity, effectiveness of processes, and the cost of...

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No Method, No Problem? Ah, Not So Fast!

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How you do things is extremely important if you’re looking to provide consistent products and services to your customers.  We all like going to our favorite restaurant knowing that our meal will come out just the way we ordered it.  My wife has used the same beautician for the past 20 years because of the consistency she gets by going there.  I’ve been going to the same barber shop for over 30 years because of it’s convenience and because I know all the barbers there and they do a nice job.  We tend to go to the same...

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Material Issues Create Huge Losses!

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Material problems wreak havoc in many operations.  Inconsistencies and variation within a lot or between lots of material can cause operators to constantly tweak machines and processes, which in turn can lead to defects and high scrap rates. Having multiple suppliers for the same material creates variability and can cause production delays, especially if the change from one supplier to another occurs during a production run.  I saw the effects of this problem firsthand when a company I worked for had two sources of silicone compound for...

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Machine & Equipment Issues Create All Kinds Of Waste!

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Is your operation plagued with equipment issues that drive you crazy? Old, outdated, hard to maintain, constantly down, or making bad parts — equipment exhibiting these conditions can really drive a plant manager to drink! Or maybe it’s an office copier that keeps jamming up or a computer system that has a mind of its own and decides to go down or won’t boot up. Whether it’s on the plant floor or in the office, machine and equipment issues are a real source of frustration for anyone involved. Equipment...

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Check Out How This Will Help Your Company Prevent Mistakes & Errors!

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Illustration by Don Pedicini, Liberty Graphics People variation is a given in every business; the key is to understand how it’s impacting your processes. Distractions, skill-level, attitude, personality, and inadequate processes are all conditions that cause people-related variation. What one employee might do well can be a challenge for another, and this variation in people skills can impact processes. Distraction is a common cause of people variation, and every employee is distracted at one time or another. One person might...

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