Organizational Goals

Data Measurement: For Better, For Worse!

All decisions in life, whether personal or professional, are based on available information or data-or at least should be.  Accurate information contributes to good decision-making.  On the other hand, insufficient or inaccurate data contributes to faulty decisions. Measurement is how your company collects data.   But having someone go through the motions of measurement is not enough.  Your...

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Make Something Happen – Establish Accountability!

Yesterday I met with a potential client that is looking for problem solving training for his employees.  We discussed the logistics of the training, topics to include, and a variety of other training issues.  He told me his organization would be very quick to say they know the reasons for many of their problems, based on past experience and opinion.  Very few of their problems are addressed by...

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How Well Does Your Organization Focus on The Top Priority?

In the past four years, I have dealt with several companies that were either in bankruptcy or on the verge of being there.  The first thing I observed in all cases is their inability to focus as an organization.  It seemed that every day was spent running around putting fires out.  This fire-fighting consumed the majority of everyones time and effort.  Everything was a crisis and each day...

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