Six Sigma

A Successful CI Program Depends on Strong Project Management Fundamentals

I’ve seen it happen more than once where a company starts down the path of Lean, Six Sigma, or Problem Solving to only change course in mid-stream.  It happens for many reasons – lack of resources, underestimating the time required to complete projects, allowing scope creep, project champions and sponsors that don’t ask the right questions, not putting the correct controls in...

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Eight Reasons Why Six Sigma Works

As I was getting ready for an upcoming training class, I came across the following reasons why Six Sigma has been so successful for many years and thought I’d share it with you.  It is taken from the Sept. 1999 issue of Quality Progress, “Why Should Statisticians Pay Attention to Six Sigma?” by R.D. Snee. Bottom line results Upper management involvement Disciplined approach...

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