Do Business Owners Understand Customer Service?

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It’s hard for me to understand!  With a lot of people out of a job, it’s hard to imagine that there are business owners out there that don’t understand customer service.  It’s not all business owners, but there are a few.  Let me give you example.
About a month ago my wife and I decided we needed to remove some old shrubs along the sides of the house.  I called a local landscaper, someone we have done business with for over 30 years.  He, the landscape owner, was to drop by the house on Tuesday at 10 am and give us an estimate.  At 11 he had not shown up, so I gave the store a call and they said they had not heard from him all morning, but they gave me his cell number.  I called and left a message.  A month has gone by and I haven’t heard from him yet.
I decided to call another person.  I called on Sunday afternoon and they returned my call within a couple of hours.  We set a time for 9 am, Monday morning.  At 9:15 he showed up with his equipment, gave me a bargain price, and had the job complete by 11:30.
Over the years, I could give you a lot of examples of business owners that failed to show up or failed to return phone calls.  Don’t you just love the ones that make an appointment to show up first thing in the morning and don’t get there till after lunch?
What will happen to the landscaper I’ve known for 30 years?  Maybe nothing, but I won’t feel quite so guilty when I buy my fertilizer, mulch, etc. from one of his competitors.

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