About Us

Jim OI love to work with manufacturing and service companies to solve their problems and make them more profitable. I do this by helping them identify and eliminate waste and variation in their processes. My clients see large improvements in productivity, efficiency, reduced costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

The techniques are very basic and simple for employees to understand. I have them concentrate on identifying and eliminating the 7 forms of waste and reducing process variation due to the 6Ms, i.e., Man, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement, and Mother Nature.

My clients, all over the world, have achieved outstanding results which can be seen by looking at some of the projects listed below.

If you have a need, or just want to discuss some possibilities, please give me a call at 330.307.7995 or you can send me an email at jim@jlodom.com.

On a personal note, my wife and I like to travel and enjoy visiting our four beautiful granddaughters in Indianapolis and Columbia, MO.

Here is a partial list of projects where customers received outstanding benefits:

Lean Implementation at NE Ohio Company Increases Revenue 60%

  • Developed systems, improved flow and efficiency for a medium size manufacturing company in NE Ohio.

Lean Six Sigma Project Saved Canadian Company $175,000

  • Conducted Lean Six Sigma training and coached a project that resulted in improving the process, eliminating scrap and rework, and making the process more efficient. Developed standardized work, revised work instructions and procedures so the problem doesn’t come back in the future. Project reduced customer returns and improved customer satisfaction. DPMO reduced by 80%.

Reduce Contamination in Relay Manufacturing Facility

  • Reduce contamination in a relay manufacturing facility by 81% by identifying sources of contamination and implementing action plans to address them.

Reduced Changeover Time in Automatic Stamping by 78%

  • Reduced changeover time in an automatic stamping facility from an average of 90 minutes to less than 20 minutes by using SMED techniques and removing external changeover activities from internal activities.

Improved Process Flow Results in 70% Increase in Production

  • Combined two separate work cells over a weekend resulting in increased production from 7 parts per hour to 12 parts per hour.