Are We Really In Control?

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In the Control phase of a DMAIC Six Sigma project, we have the opportunity to put the necessary controls in place to make sure the problem never occurs again.  This is an important step and ensures the project gains are maintained.
Before closing the project, the final tollgate review must be conducted bringing all the stakeholders together.  Some questions to ask that will help ensure the necessary controls are in place include the following:
  • What process controls are implemented to maintain the gains realized in the project?  Is there a control plan we can review?
  • Is the measurement system adequate and in control to sustain the improvement?  Can we review the Measurement System Analysis?
  • Has the process owner approved the implementation of the project results?
  • Are there any follow-up actions to complete?  What are they, who is responsible, and when will they be completed?
  • Who is responsible for maintaining the solution and have they agreed to it?  Do they have the necessary training, equipment, and supplies to do it properly?
  • Is the project performance metric going in the right direction?
  • Has all the project documentation been updated (FMEA, process flow, control plan, procedures, work instructions, etc.)?

Personnel and controls should be monitored and periodically access to determine if they are adequate and doing the expected job.  A good way of doing this is to incorporate project follow-up into your internal process audit program.

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