Asking Questions and Keeping an Open Mind

Posted by on Mar 21, 2010 in Problem Solving | 0 comments

Ever wonder why some people are better at solving problems than others?  Why some people are more creative than others?  Why some organizations are better at these than others?

One of the techniques a good problem solver uses is to ask questions – lots of questions!  Questions cause a search for knowledge and understanding.  They provoke answers, the more questions, the more knowledge and understanding. 

A good example is a small child.  A child is always asking questions in order to understand better the world around them.  Why is the sky blue?  Why do we live in a certain country?  Why do we speak the language we speak?  Why can’t I understand other languages?  Etc.

Questions cause our minds to work, get our wheels spinning, our hearts racing, and enthusiasm ignited.  The search for the answer gives us a better understanding.  Understanding will generate new ideas, new thoughts, new possibilities, and new alternatives.

In addition to asking questions, good problem solvers keep an open mind.  An open mind is a mind that has learned to suspend judgment and explore the problem.  It is a mind that asks questions.  A closed mind on the other hand has no questions, only the answer!

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