Be Creative When Coming Up With Solutions to Problems

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You’ve found the cause of your problem and now you’re faced with coming up with a solution that will eliminate the problem once and for all.  How do you go about it?  How do you know the solution will be maintained by the problem owner?  How effective will the solution be over time? 
Here are some things for you to consider:
  • Involve those that are going to implement and maintain the solution.  Involving them will help to get buy in and have a higher probability that the solution will be maintained.

  • Generate as many ideas for solving the problem as you can.  The more ideas the more likely that the one best solution can be found.  This may involve discussing, combining and modifying the ideas.

  • Be creative.  There are many tools available to help teams come up with creative solutions.

  • Incorporate error-proofing techniques into your solution.  Using these techniques will ensure the problem does not reappear in the future.

  • Keep the solution simple and inexpensive.  Too many times teams come up with a solution that is too complex and difficult to maintain or is very expensive to implement or maintain.

  • Give yourself time.  An incubation period is important in problem solving.  Working on a solution to a problem to meet a deadline often causes you to pick the first solution that comes to mind and then “run with it,” instead of stopping to think of alternative solutions.

Do you have a technique that works for you?  Something that helps you in generating ideas and solutions?  If so, please post a comment on this blog.

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