Design for Six Sigma

Improvement Methodologies: PM, Six Sigma, DFSS, Lean – Choosing the Right One

  Organizations have a variety of tools and methods available to improve their products, services, and processes.  Deciding on which methodology to use can often become confusing because management does not understand how these methodologies are separated or used.  In this article, I’ll try to alleviate some of this confusion by providing you some examples of when it is appropriate...

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Design For Six Sigma – Not Just For Engineers!

There’s a common misconception that Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) only applies to engineering designs.  In reality, it can be applied with equal effectiveness to a variety of tasks such as billing, marketing, customer service, and just about anything that can benefit from innovative, streamlined, customer-friendly designs – which is almost everything. DFSS is all about focusing on prevention...

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