Project Scoping

Fix Low Hanging Fruit To Build Momentum

When starting any improvement initiative, it’s important to have early successes in your efforts.  The saying, “Nothing motivates a team like success” is so very true.  If a team has to wait months before it sees improvement in the process it’s working on, there will likely be a drop in motivation for the team.  To make sure this doesn’t happen teams should begin...

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Ensure Your Lean Six Sigma Project is Successful by Scoping It Properly

Many Lean Six Sigma projects fail and flounder due to not scoping the project properly.  Sometimes teams try to take on too much and the project drags on forever.  Other times, scope creep enters and additional opportunities are explored causing delay and frustration.  The ultimate goal is for Lean Six Sigma teams to be successful and that means getting the project scope right!  Here is a...

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