The Control Plan: Your Last Line of Defense

A control plan is a written document created to ensure processes are producing products or services that meet or exceed customer requirements at all times.  It is a living document that gets updated as the organization gets process experience or receives customer feedback. A control plan is a systematic approach to finding and resolving out-of-control conditions.  It provides employees a guide...

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Improvement Methodologies: PM, Six Sigma, DFSS, Lean – Choosing the Right One

  Organizations have a variety of tools and methods available to improve their products, services, and processes.  Deciding on which methodology to use can often become confusing because management does not understand how these methodologies are separated or used.  In this article, I’ll try to alleviate some of this confusion by providing you some examples of when it is appropriate...

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VOC: An Important Source of Customer Information & Improvement Projects

  VOC or voice of the customer is a set of tools, method, and techniques that allow an improvement team to methodically collect and analyze customer needs and how customers value those needs.  Some basic needs are unspoken and expected.   If those needs are not met, the result will be extreme customer dissatisfaction.  An example might be buying a new car and finding it won’t...

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