Constantly Measure to Improve Customer Satisfaction

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If your looking to improve the customer satisfaction of your products and services start at the customer’s needs.  Start the measurement system with their needs and work back.  Figure out, from the customer’s desires, exactly what should be measured at each step in the method of doing business.  Not every customer’s desire can be quantified, but by making customers’ needs drive your measurement program, you capture a clear understanding of what matters to customers.
In order to use measurement to deliver more of what the customer wants, keep in mind the following five principles:
  1. Know why you’re measuring.
  2. Let customers tell you which end results to measure.
  3. Ask continuously how well you are doing.
  4. Track the internal procedures that are supposed to produce the results the customers tell you they want – as well as the end results.
  5. Tell your people everything you learn.

All measurement is an opportunity to focus on and meet your customers’ needs.

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