Eliminate the Waste of Overprocessing

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Overprocessing is the waste of doing more work than needed to complete a task or unit.  This results in efforts that add no value for the customer.
Examples include:
  • Redundant steps in a process
  • Multiple inspections
  • Obtaining multiple signatures
  • Excessive reviews
  • Undefined or unclear customer requirements
  • Overdesign of a product or service
  • Inadequate technology
  • In-process protective packaging
  • Removal of sprues in castings and molded parts

When reviewing your process look at how much extra effort is added in order to deliver the product or service and determine if any of these steps can be eliminated.
To eliminate the waste of overprocessing consider the following:
  • Review the steps in each process and try to eliminate redundant and non-value-add steps.
  • Review all signature requirements and eliminate signatures wherever possible.
  • Implement advances in technology that can shorten and simplify processes.
  • Seek suggestions from customers and employees for simplifying work and eliminating unnecessary steps.
  • Conduct external benchmarking to discover more efficient work methods.

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