Erroneous Opinions Can Doom Problem Solving Efforts!

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The difference between fact and opinion is the difference between believing and knowing.  Opinions may be based on facts, but they are still what we think, not what we know.  Opinions are debatable; facts are not.  A good test for whether something is a fact or opinion is to ask the questions, “Can this statement be debated?  Is this known for certain to be true?”  If you can answer yes to the first question, you have an opinion; if you answer yes to the second question, you have a fact.
Therefore facts are:
  • Things known for certain to have happened
  • Things know for certain to be true
  • Things know for certain to exist

Opinions on the other hand are:
  • Things believed to have happened
  • Things believed to be true
  • Things believed to exist

Mistaken opinions can cause delay in the identification and analysis of problems.  They can reflect false assumptions or occur if people fail to revise existing opinions and beliefs in light of new information.  Erroneous opinions can doom problem solving to failure.

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