Guidelines for Process Improvement in the Workplace

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Often people ask the question, how do I make improvements in my company’s processes.  Employees take for granted the way they do some task is the right way or it is how the company wants them to do it.  Below is a list of guidelines that can give you ideas on how to improve your workplace and your processes.  Keep in mind that the devil is always in the details!

1.     Give priority to the workplace and processes.
2.     Focus on cleaning up the workplace and keeping it neat.
3.     Study the workplace processes and resources.
4.     Streamline the workplace and organize the work.
5.     Identify and eliminate waste.
6.     Don’t keep the workplace processes waiting.
7.     Make changes to reduce costs without compromising quality.
8.     Error-proof the workplace; make it more robust.
9.     Standardize recurring tasks when the important factors are controllable.
10. Address the out-of-control factors.
11. Make changes in the workplace to increase throughput.
12. Identify the key process indicators and routinely monitor them.
13. Make the workplace “hum” with communication.
14. Make continual education and training for the workplace.
15. Develop the habits and processes for continual PDCA.
16. Attend to the human needs of employees.
17. Make the workplace a fun place to work.

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