The 6Ms and How They Affect Process Variation

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These sources of variation effect every process to some extent or another!

Variation created by man or people:

  • —Inconsistency from one person to another person
  • —Differences in abilities, skills, motivation, attitude, etc.

Variation created by machines or equipment:

  • —Variation from one machine to another
  • —Differences in machine or equipment capability as it ages or wears

Variation created by material:

  • —Inconsistency from one lot of material to another
  • —Differences in suppliers of the same part number

Variation created by method:

  • —Failure to have a documented method
  • —Differences from one person to another person following the same method

Variation created by mother nature:

  • —Inconsistency from one day to the next
  • —Seasonal differences

Variation created by measurement:

  • —Inconsistency from one person to another person
  • —Inconsistency within the same person
  • —Differences between how you measure something and how your customer measures it