How You Deploy Lean Six Sigma Makes a World of Difference

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The deployment of Lean Six Sigma can be a very smooth process if a couple of things are considered at the outset.  It is extremely important top management be involved from the very beginning.  Everyone needs to be on board as to the expectations and what the vision of the program will be in two to three years.  The training of top management, managers, and sponsors must occur first so that they understand the process and their role in making it successful.
Another way I’ve found to get the most from your Lean Six Sigma effort is to make sure you link your projects to the strategic goals and objectives of the organization.  Projects should be chosen that support those goals and objectives.  If the goal is to increase revenue, then a list of projects should be brainstormed that focus on increasing revenue.  Typically, projects will be reviewed and screened by management and chosen based on selected evaluation criteria.  Once they are chosen, a contract or charter is drafted on each prospective project, a project sponsor identified, and team members selected.
An organization that is just in the initial stages of deployment should not expect first time Green Belt and Black Belt teams to solve the toughest problem they have.  The goal of first projects is to get everyone familiar and comfortable with the DMAIC and tollgate review process.  These projects should be scoped narrowly to ensure the teams are successful.  An organization in the early stages of deployment should focus on the DMAIC process and not the tools.  More advanced tools can be added as people get familiar and comfortable with the process.
How has your Lean Six Sigma deployment gone?  Have you encountered any obstacles?  Were you able to overcome them?  Please give us your comments.

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