Improving Work Efficiency

Posted by on Oct 16, 2010 in Efficiency, Process Improvement | 0 comments

How much do you really accomplish each day at work?  How much is being accomplished by your co-workers or employees?  How many worthless meetings or meetings that accomplish very little do you attend each week?  How often do you have to wait for information or fix some problem before you can complete a task?  Many organizations struggle with these issues and just accept the fact that this is how it is.
I saw an interesting statistic recently that in the United States alone, there are over 13 million meetings each day!  I wonder how many of them start on time?  How many of the key players don’t show up?  How many cell phones go off during the meeting?  How many side conversations occur?  How many people bring laptops and are checking emails, etc?  How many times the meetings get side tracked onto other topics?
How do you go about changing these bad habits and making processes work more efficiently?  This will be the topic of my future articles.   As always, any comments are welcome!

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