Lean Six Sigma Project Deliverables

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Project deliverables are all the measurable benefits obtained from implementing your Lean Six Sigma project and will answer the question “How do we define project success and completion.”  Project deliverables must be well understood by all the project team members and should be clearly stated on the project charter.  All stakeholders must agree with the stated deliverables prior to signing the charter to avoid any questions or misunderstanding of what is to be gained from the project.

Deliverables should have a direct financial benefit to the organization or customer.  Some of the common project deliverables include:

  • Decreased lead time to deliver to the customer.  This will increase customer satisfaction and result in decreased late shipments and costs associated with expediting the product.
  • Decreased material costs and product scrap.
  • Decreased maintenance costs and/or capital expenditure.
  • Decreased labor costs such that labor can be reassigned.
  • Decreased accidents related to work in process (WIP).
  • Decreased incidental material usage due to mistakes.
  • Decreased inventory and WIP carrying costs.
  • Increased sales due to capacity increases.

The financial benefits stated above are the reasons organizations implement Lean Six Sigma initiatives.  In addition to these, there are also plenty of indirect project benefits organizations and customers receive due to improved product and service quality.

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