Project Definition is an Important First Step

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The purpose of project definition is to articulate your project’s scope, goal, objectives, team members and sponsor, the project schedule and its deliverables.  These key project details are documented on your project charter and may change somewhat as you get additional information as you proceed in the DMAIC process.  The charter is not cast in stone, but is a living document that can change.

Here are the key tasks for developing your project charter:

  • Define the problem statement and the business case for doing the project.
  • Determine the project scope using preliminary data.
  • Determine the project deliverables and state them in financial terms.  (see yesterday’s blog post)
  • Develop an initial schedule for the project milestones.  Typically you will want to finish your project in 3 – 4 months, depending on it’s scope and complexity.
  • Get your team together and agree on the project scope, deliverables, and schedule.
  • Map the process at a high-level.
  • Get approval of your charter from your project sponsor.

In addition to the above tasks, make sure you review the deliverables with your finance person so there is no misunderstanding on the potential project savings.

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