Lean Six Sigma

  • A methodology designed at improving manufacturing, service, and transactional processes and eliminating defects.

Design For Lean Six Sigma

  • DFLSS is used when you are designing new products, services, and processes and want to make sure you hit the ground running.  Avoid painful start-up issues by designing capability into your processes.

Lean Six Sigma For Administration & Services

  • A key component of Lean is that all employees are knowledgeable about the process. We give your organization’s workforce the skills and knowledge to take Lean practices to the next level.

Lean For Manufacturing

  • Is your factory capable of producing everything you schedule on a daily basis?  Are your manufacturing processes stable?  Are you able to run small batches and make quick set-ups?  If not, we can help get you get going in the right direction.

Lean For The Office

  • No matter what size organization there is always room for improvement in the front office. A lean organization must be lean in every department, including the office. Our simple methodology helps you identify and eliminate the wastes that exist in every process.

Quality System Implementation & Assessment

  • Is your quality system letting you down or not what you think it should be? Let us help you get it back on track.

Problem Solving

  • Have a problem or issue you haven’t been able to solve? A quality problem at your customer?  High scrap? Our problem solving techniques can get you the solutions you deserve.