Strategy for Lean Implementation

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Implementing lean is not a prescription where you follow the steps 1, 2, and 3 and you’re suddenly there and it is not a one size fits all methodology.  It will require discipline and a new way of thinking about things.
You have to access your current situation and determine the right lean strategy for your organization, based on your own needs, objectives, and state of the organization.
To be successful, lean must be implemented top-down and expand to all levels within the organization.  It is a strategy for continuous improvement and it will change your organization immensely.  You will have a lot of latitude in your approach since you’re not mandated to do things in any set order.  The good news is that finding your way tends to naturally happen.
Senior managers must understand the tools and philosophy of both lean and kaizen.  They must set a vision and communicate that message each and every day.  They must practice lean themselves during the course of their workday.
Leaders need to be patient.  There are no magic wands in a lean transformation.  The initiative needs to grow within the organization before it can deliver full benefits.  Some things will go very quickly and others will take time.  Leadership will see results when the entire company gets involved in the transformation.  This will happen when the employees have absorbed and assimilated the hows and whys of lean transformation.
If you’ve begun a lean transformation in your organization, what problems have you encountered?  Please take a few minutes and share them with us.

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