Sustaining a Lean Six Sigma Effort

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In order to sustain a Lean Six Sigma effort it is important that the organization transition from a gut feel, opinion based organization to a data driven organization.  This is important when there is a change in top leadership, especially if the new leader is brought in from outside.  The new leader may lack experience or possess a general skepticism of Lean Six Sigma’s effectiveness.

A useful mechanism would be to utilize the different tools and techniques of lean six sigma.  Process maps, standard procedures, operational definitions, and process data are important to emphasize during briefing sessions so that their value, and in turn the value of the Lean Six Sigma program, become evident.

Distractions, changes, and crises will occur, when leaders may decide to put the program on hold.  This can happen especially when full-time resources are not allocated to the program.  In cases like these, persistence is vital.  Terms such as diligence, resolve, discipline, tenacity, and patience have been applied to leaders who will not let the program die, even when adverse conditions occur.

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