The Many Facets of Lean Six Sigma

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Lean Six Sigma is many things to many organizations.  To some it means a vision of providing the best products and services possible and achieving the highest levels of performance in everything they do. 
To some it is a philosophy.  A structured, systematic approach to achieve operational excellence in all areas of their business by eliminating waste and defects and reducing variation.
To some it is a scientific method of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control.  It is the method that is followed in all projects conducted within the organization to solve problems and make specific performance improvements.
To some it is a management system.  A structured approach to setting business objectives and then coordinating and deploying the resources required to meet those objectives.
To some it is a toolbox of techniques that they can use to understand, analyze, and improve their business processes.
It doesn’t matter if the organization is large or small, Lean Six Sigma can make a difference in any organization dedicated and willing to make the implementation effort.

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