To Ensure Your Project Is A Success, Make Sure The Team Is Working Effectively

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Have you ever been involved with a group or team trying to accomplish a task or solve a problem where someone never says anything or has nothing to contribute?  Maybe the person was voluntold to attend the meetings but has no interest and thinks it’s a waste of their time.  The person may be very knowledgable and have a lot of expertise, but for some reason doesn’t want to contribute to the team’s success.

You’ll not always have the luxury of picking who will be on the project teams you lead or coach.  For teams to be effective, several criteria must be met:

First, they must have a common vision and goal.  Everyone on the team must have the same vision and be committed to making improvements.

Second, they must communicate openly with each other, sharing their thoughts, opinions, and ideas with members of their team; as well as taking into consideration what others have to say. Communication is essential for keeping track of progress and working together efficiently on task.

Third, establish defined team roles.  Team roles bring structure and organization to the group.  It is important that members understand their role and do their best to complete the assignments they are responsible for.

Fourth, they must make the most of their time.  Discussions must be precise and stay on topic.  Decisions must be made by consensus and have everyone’s commitment.  Assignments must be prioritized and done on schedule.

Fifth, they must be practical problem solvers.  Practical problem solvers identify the real root cause of the problem and don’t allow themselves to get off track or go down the wrong rabbit hole.  They stick to the problem-solving process, ask questions, and try to make sense of the information they obtain.

Sixth, they must trust one another.  Members must trust each other to participate and perform.  When the team is successful, everyone wins!

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