Continuous Improvement Kept Simple

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Continuous improvement kept simple is all about focusing on your biggest opportunity.  Whether it be an internal opportunity or an external one, you need to continuously work on those things that will take your organization to the next level.

Start by identifying where your opportunities are.  Is it improving the quality of your products or services to your customers?  Is it improving your on-time delivery or becoming more efficient?

Next identify three things that if you were doing them correctly would make a difference in those areas.  Is it eliminating certain defects? Improving flow?  Reducing work in process (WIP)?  Don’t try to do to much at one time but focus your attention and resources in those areas.

Be action oriented.  Keep things moving and do something everyday to move you towards your objective.  Once you complete one task, move to the next and on and on.

Within a short period of time you’ll start to see a noticeable difference and be well on your way!