Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen! What Is The Best Direction For Your Organization?

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Shutterstock Illustration Methodologies are almost as numerous as the tools they use. Organizations sometime struggle with where to start their improvement effort especially when resources are few and funds are in short supply. It really gets down to thinking about the problems you face as an organization and then selecting the right CI method to address those needs. If your organization is struggling with quality issues and lots of variation and inconsistency, then Six Sigma is the best approach I know of to address those kinds of...

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Jim’s Sixteen Principles of Continuous Improvement

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Over the years, I have helped various organizations improve their operations. Along the way, I have heard and seen things that have either aided or hindered their efforts to improve. As a result of these observations, I have compiled a list of sixteen continuous improvement principles to share with you. Challenge the status quo every day. Don’t take anything for granted or be satisfied with the mentality of “that’s how we’ve always done it.” Employees get frustrated when they are forced to work in...

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Contamination, Perception and The Story of the Dirty Rug

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Several years ago, I had the pleasure of working with a relay manufacturer in China.  They wanted help implementing lean in their stamping operation, reducing changeover times and help resolving some long standing quality issues.  During my initial visit, they told me that one of their biggest problems was product contamination due to dirt, dust, human skin, fibers, etc.  As they took me on a tour of the facility, I was impressed with some of their practices to prevent contamination.  Everyone wore smocks, hats, and booties on their shoes...

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How a Lonely $25 Grease Gun Contributed to a $1Million Problem!

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Many of us go to work each day, do our thing, and feel pretty good that we gave our organization a good days work.  But how many of us go to work each day and really think about how we can cut cost and save our organization time and money.  We’re all running around trying to get things done and never have time to think about how we can improve the process.  The following is a true story that will prove my point. Several years ago, I was working with a client that wanted to implement lean in their organization.  After some discussion,...

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Don’t Let Excessive Motion Sabotage Your Operation

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A simple, but effective tool to help you eliminate waste due to motion is the spaghetti diagram.  You start by getting a layout of the area or by drawing a simple sketch.  The idea is to observe an employee perform a task and document all the movement the employee makes in performing that task.  Figure 1 is a spaghetti of a change over process on a machine.  As you can see there is a lot of movement from one station of the machine to another and also to a table and bench across the aisle where tools and supplies are kept. The objective is...

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Use a Gemba Walk to Help You Understand Your Process

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A simple, but effective tool to help you better understand a process is a “gemba walk.”  Gemba is a Japanese word for “where the work takes place,” and so a gemba walk is nothing more than taking a walk in the area where the actual work is occurring.  Some of you may remember the term “management by walking around” that was popular many years ago. This is similar, but has a different focus.  In order to get the most from the gemba walk you must observe and keep the the following points in mind: Is there...

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A Successful CI Program Depends on Strong Project Management Fundamentals

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I’ve seen it happen more than once where a company starts down the path of Lean, Six Sigma, or Problem Solving to only change course in mid-stream.  It happens for many reasons – lack of resources, underestimating the time required to complete projects, allowing scope creep, project champions and sponsors that don’t ask the right questions, not putting the correct controls in place to prevent the problem from returning, lack of follow-up, and poorly trained project leaders, etc.  Any and all of these can cause an...

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Mapping Business Processes Isn’t That Difficult

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  Process mapping is a very useful tool that not only helps you document your current process but can also serve as a framework for making processes more consistent and efficient. Just last week, I had the opportunity to lead a group of 23 HR professionals and develop a process map for their on-boarding for new hires.  All were from the same company, but represented about eight locations spread across the country.  During the morning session we reviewed basic lean concepts, the seven forms of waste, and process mapping fundamentals.  I...

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Eight Reasons Why Six Sigma Works

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As I was getting ready for an upcoming training class, I came across the following reasons why Six Sigma has been so successful for many years and thought I’d share it with you.  It is taken from the Sept. 1999 issue of Quality Progress, “Why Should Statisticians Pay Attention to Six Sigma?” by R.D. Snee. Bottom line results Upper management involvement Disciplined approach (DMAIC) Short project completions (typically 3 – 6 months) Clearly defined measures of success Infrastructure of trained individuals (black belts...

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How Good Are You As An Organization? How Good Do You Want To Be?

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Over the years, much has been written about the pros and cons of lean and Six Sigma.  People often complain about the training costs, the infrastructure required, the teams of green and black belts, and so on, but in my 40+ years of experience nothing has proven to be more successful at getting things improved than a combination of lean and Six Sigma.  I’m not talking about ten, twenty, or thirty percent improvement, but substantial improvement of sixty to seventy percent or greater!  It doesn’t matter what the process is!  It...

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