Communication Is The Key To Success

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Communication is important in any initiative, but none as important as in a Lean Six Sigma deployment. It starts with communicating the vision and making sure everyone is on board.  Top leadership must incorporate messages in their daily activities.  They must discuss how these activities are in alignment or not in alignment with the vision.  They must walk the talk.  Company newsletters and other communication formats must continually convey this vision.

Deployment champions and department managers must communicate the projects conducted in their areas. Bulletin boards and department communication must emphasize them.  Communication with the various project stakeholders is important to resolve differences and their concerns be addressed.

Teams need to be congratulated at every opportunity.  At tollgates, project reviews, staff meetings, etc. every effort should be made to thank the teams for meeting their goals, saving money, and making the organization more efficient.  Team members need to be recognized for certifications as Green Belts, Black Belts, or Master Black Belts.

In deploying a successful Lean Six Sigma initiative, my experience is that you can’t over-communicate in getting the message out, and should be done daily.

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