Make Lean Six Sigma the Way We Work

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The goal of Lean Six Sigma is to change the way we do things and to continuously look for ways to reduce variation in processes and products. An organization should manage differently after Six Sigma implementation versus before. Process management systems should be developed that document the “what and how” business systems are performed and Six Sigma will be integrated into other key business initiatives.

Key elements of Lean Six Sigma being used on a daily basis:

· Continuously working to find better ways of doing things

· Thinking of everything you do as a process

· Recognizing that variation exists in every process and its effects on work

· Working to reduce variation

· Using data to guide your decisions

· Using Lean Six Sigma tools to make your processes more effective and productive.

Sponsors and champions must continue to ask the right questions, use the DMAIC process, and be genuinely involved in selecting the best projects. The days of “shooting from the hip” must be over and decisions should now be made with the analysis of data.

The organization should continue to grow and learn. More people from all functional areas should get on board and become Green Belts, Black Belts, and Master Black Belts. Lean Six Sigma should, if allowed to become the operating philosophy, change the culture of the company!

The desired end is that Lean Six Sigma becomes such an integral part of the way the organization manages that there is no longer a need for a formal Lean Six Sigma initiative.

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