The Art of Coaching Lean Six Sigma Projects

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Coaching Lean Six Sigma students is a process that enhances their skills and capabilities.  It helps the student translate what they learn in class into applied learning and helps them develop confidence in their newly developing knowledge and skills.  The coach must listen, observe, and provide constructive feedback.

In addition, the coach ensures the project stays on track and is completed in a timely manner.  The coach should provide guidance and direction on how best to navigate any organizational barriers the team might encounter.  They should help the team in the selection and use of the proper tools and techniques as they navigate the DMAIC process and prepare them for tollgate reviews with project sponsors and champions.

Coaching your Lean Six Sigma practitioners is an ongoing practice and not a one-time event.  Development and use of the tools and techniques are evolutionary and thus coaching should continue well past the initial project.

Don’t assume that a Master Black Belt or Black Belt that is highly proficient using the various tools and techniques is also a good coach.  Some people just aren’t comfortable as coaches and would rather be the lead in conducting a project.  During my career, I’ve observed a variety of individuals that weren’t comfortable as instructors or coaches, so make sure you evaluate and observe on your own which activities they perform the best.

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