The Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

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Why should an organization consider implementing a Lean Six Sigma initiative?  In addition to the raw dollars saved, increased efficiency and productivity, here are a few other good reasons:

  • Generates sustained success.  The only way to continue growth and retain customers is to constantly innovate and remake the organization.  Lean Six Sigma creates the skills and culture to do this.
  • Sets a common performance goal.  Getting everyone to work in the same direction, no matter how small or large the organization, is pretty tough.  What everyone has in common is the delivery of products and services to customers.  Lean Six Sigma uses that common business framework, the process and the customer, to create a consistent goal, to constantly strive to make the products and services as close to perfect as possible.
  • Enhances value to customers.  Providing value to customers is at the heart of the Lean Six Sigma focus.  Understanding what value means to customers and planning how to deliver it to them in the most efficient manner is a key theme of the strategy.
  • Accelerates the rate of improvement.  By using proven tools and techniques an organization is able to take the best of the best ideas and improve their improvement efforts.
  • Promotes organizational learning.  Lean Six Sigma is a strategy that can increase and accelerate the development and sharing of new ideas in an organization.
  • Execute strategic change.  Introducing new products, entering new markets, making new acquisitions — things that were once occasional business activities are now daily events in many companies.  Using Lean Six Sigma to better understand your company’s processes will give you a greater ability to carry out these business activities and make you more successful.

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