The Role of a Deployment Champion in a Lean Six Sigma Business Strategy

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The role of a deployment champion in a Lean Six Sigma business strategy is very important.  This needs to be a person that is well respected within the organization.  Depending on the size of the organization, it could be a full time job.  Their responsibilities include:

  • Works with the leaders of the organization to determine the goals and objectives of the Lean Six Sigma business strategy.
  • Identifies areas of opportunity that are in alignment with the business goals.
  • Determines the project selection criteria with upper management.
  • Facilitates the identification and priority of projects.
  • Verifies completion of phase deliverables.
  • Approves completed projects.
  • Leverages project results.
  • Develops a communication plan.
  • Drives and communicates results.
  • Reports the deployment status to upper management.
  • Removes barriers to success.
  • Develops incentive programs with upper management.
  • Rewards and recognizes team members.

Company leaders need to recognize the importance of this role, fill it with a capable individual and give them the time to do the job!

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