The Vision of a Lean Six Sigma Organization

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Before starting a Lean Six Sigma deployment, organizational leaders need to develop and understand what the vision of their efforts will include.  The vision should embrace the following themes:

  • Focus on the customer and keeping the customer first.  Systems and strategies should be developed that tie the business to the voice of the customer.
  • Data and fact driven management that uses data to make decisions versus opinions and here say.
  • Process focus and continuous improvement as an engine for growth and success.  All processes are documented, measured, and improved on an ongoing basis.
  • Proactive management that anticipates problems, applies facts and data, and constantly questions how we do things.
  • Boundaryless collaboration allowing cooperation between internal functions and with customers, suppliers, and supply chain partners.
  • A constant drive for perfection that gives employees the freedom to test new approaches and learn from mistakes.

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