Creativity is Important in Solving Problems

Posted by on Jun 24, 2011 in Creativity, Problem Solving | 0 comments

Creativity is the ability to imagine or develop original ideas or things, and effective problem solvers know that creativity plays an essential role in the problem solving process.  A creative person will be able to develop a solution that is unique because they have the ability to see things differently.
Creative people see connections and relationships that others don’t.  They ask questions that others may not ask, and are able to see things from a variety of perspectives.  They are endlessly curious and trust their ability to come up with ideas and solutions.
Creativity is the key to determining how to get from the current situation to the desired situation.  The more creative you are the more possibilities you can uncover, which leads to finding the best solution for the situation.  Creative problem solving will lead you to develop solutions that not only solve the problem, but solve the problem in a way that prevents it from recurring.  A creative problem solver, then, is someone who finds a solution that is original, imaginative, innovative, and effective.

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