Questions to Ask Before Conducting a Kaizen Event

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The following is a list of questions that you can use to understand a business process and assess the readiness of your organization to undertake a kaizen event.
  1. Who owns the process?
  2. Are processes documented?
  3. Does the documented process follow the actual process?
  4. Is the process repeatable?
  5. Are their existing work standards and practices?
  6. Are the work standards and practices being followed?
  7. Are the work standards and practices adequate to perform the work properly?
  8. Is the work area well organized?
  9. Are there any metrics?
  10. How are the metrics used?
  11. How often are the metrics recorded?
  12. Do the metrics tell employees how they are doing at any point in time?
  13. What is the organization’s attitude toward change?
  14. Who is involved in the process?
  15. Whom does the process impact?
  16. Who supplies the process?
  17. Are the inputs to the process properly documented and specified?
  18. Who is the customer of the process?
  19. What are the outputs of the process?
  20. Are the customer’s requirements properly documented and specified?
  21. Can you identify any of the 7 wastes in the existing process?

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