Creating a Culture That Gets Results – It’s a Matter of Survival!

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Achieving results and getting things done are the dreams of many business owners and executives.  No one goes into business with the attitude of playing it safe and not rocking the boat.  Most people go into business trying to achieve the highest performance they can but often get stuck in organizations that put a damper on their ambitions.

Why does this happen?  Is there something about organizations that foster our inability to get things done?  Is it because priorities get in the way and we constantly juggle between our daily activities and what we know we should really be trying to resolve?  Is it fear that causes us to step back and not take the lead, afraid that if it doesn’t work we’ll be mocked and laughed at or lose our credibility?

My experience has shown me that organizations that experience this problem have a severe communication issue.  It literally doesn’t exist.  The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.  Instead of working together to resolve issues each department is trying to make themselves look good and not be the source of the problem.  We procrastinate when it comes to resolving the big issues.  It’s not that we’re not smart enough or have the talent to change things, but in my opinion it’s the fear and lack of discussion to tackle these obstacles to improvement that are the source of the problem.

So where do we start?

It begins with sitting down as a team and understanding what’s going on, writing each issue down on a chart pad or white board and discussing them, identifying and determining what is preventing us from meeting our goals and moving forward.  Each issue must be addressed, a plan developed to resolve it and an owner assigned to ensure progress is made.  Weekly meetings must be held to review progress on each item and develop new plans based on changing situations.

None of this is rocket science!  It’s not difficult and we all have the ability to do it, but it takes courage.  The courage to speak up, understand the problems and issues, and put plans in place to address them.  It’s not a matter of not having enough time or the right people; it’s a matter of survival in today’s world!

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